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Re: MOO and VRML 2.0 ?

The following is only opinion.  The webbing and vrml'ing of MOO is like
attaching wings to a car and placing it on the tarmac: it's a
well-intentioned by somewhat laughable attempt to force a system to do
what it's not crafted nor designed to do.  The rather unfortunate
commericalization of the Net and proliferation of useless web sites only
adds to the congestion and increased network lag; and, the webification of
MOO seems to do little more than place increased demand on the server for
such a minimal return.  I want to cast a vote to keep MOO text-based and
non-graphical as much as possible.  It's sad to see an old friend getting
unnecessary face-lifts and wearing far too much make-up.  I've had a good
hard look at many webbed MOO's and have had a look at ones which claim to
support vrml.  To me, at least, it seems alot of sight and blurry,
signifying no $thing. 

Thanks for allowing this MOO Luddite to express and opinion.  As designed, 
MOO works best as a text-based, non-graphical system of real-time 

Best regards,

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