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re: MOO and VRML

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On Sat, 17 Feb 1996, Dmitri Kondratiev wrote:

> At 03:53 PM 2/16/96 PST, wrote:
> >- If anyone might be interested in collaborating with me to write a MOO/VRML
> >environment from scratch, please e-mail
> >It would of course be freeware, so you would get no profit.. just the 
> >experience :)
> >
> >/Nick, ArchWiz STAR WARS MOO (opening August 1996! )
> >
> >e-mail:
> >
> >[standard disclaimer: the opinions i express are not necessarily those of]
> >[digital semiconductor. ]
> >
> >
> As for me, I work now on applying VRML 2.0 to MOO/WOO technology.
> I am interested to collaborate with anybody creating VRML-based 
> netwoked worlds architecture exploiting MOO achivements.
> I keep a close look on VRML behaviors discussions, especially on
> "Moving Worlds" proposals.
> IMHO VRML is just a tool to build 3D worlds with support
> for some event propagation in it and simple behaviors triggered by these events,
> intended mostly to modify graphical representation of objects
> in this 3D world.
> VRML is NOT an architecture for VR worlds (correct me if I am wrong).
> So what are possible solutions for VR Worlds architecture ? By VR Worlds
> architecture I understand basic framework that will provide for
> different hypermedia networked worlds.
> Designing this framework, one certainly should consider WEB advantage
> that gives the best distribution/partitioning of worlds space 
> on the net of today.
> WOODS/MOOniverse project is an example of integrating WEB and MOO together
> resulting in some success on distributing the load in multiuser VR world.
> WOODS distributed server (SprawlCore server/database) is a possible 
> solution.
> SprawlCore servers communicate over network with each other providing
> for users "virtual MOO" 2D space in HTML, accessible by WEB clients.
> I don't know any other working architecture of distributed VR of today,
> except for DIS, which is "war-games" oriented only. Do you ?

Black Sun Interactive has a multiuser VRML world up and running,
it uses VRML+ as proposed by Worlds Inc. as protocoll.

At the moment it only works with our own browser, CyberGate.
You can get CyberGate from
Pointworld, the multiuser world is at

> Anyway MOO architecture has some concepts proved to be efficient in
> multiuser worlds, that should be considered in VRML worlds architecture, I
> think. By these concepts I mean :
> - behavior based on object container relationship;
> - system of user access/modification rights on objects and their properties;
> - scalabilty of MOO space on a single server and across servers;
> As well as OOP features of MOO programming language :
> - dynamic inheritance;
> - prototype delegation;
> These MOO concepts and OOP features seem to be essential for worlds 
> architecture.


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