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problem with database parsing


I am just setting up a MOO on an AIX  (Vs. 2.5) machine.

(Compiling worked quite fine on that system btw. I use the MPL1.4 patch and
Lambda 1.7.8p4. The only thing that you have to do is to comment out the
declaration of of *tzname in my-time.h. otherwise you get a redeclaration
error. You even get only a single warning.)

Anyway. Now I have a compiled MOO and try to start it with my TechMOO
database that works fine on another server. But there suddenly is a .db
parsing error. And the same error appears even when I try to start

Here is the .log:

$ cat Minimal.log
Sat Feb 17 16:14:36 EST 1996: RESTARTED
Feb 17 16:14:36: STARTING: Version 1.7.8p4 of the LambdaMOO server
Feb 17 16:14:36:           (Using BSD/TCP protocol)
Feb 17 16:14:36:           (Task timeouts measured in server CPU seconds.)
Feb 17 16:14:36: LOADING: /home/moo/Minimal.db
Feb 17 16:14:36: LOADING: Reading 4 objects...
Feb 17 16:14:36: VALIDATING the object hierarchies ...
Feb 17 16:14:36: VALIDATE: Phase 1: Check for invalid objects ...
Feb 17 16:14:36: VALIDATE: Phase 2: Check for cycles ...
Feb 17 16:14:36: VALIDATE: Phase 3: Check for inconsistencies ...
Feb 17 16:14:36: VALIDATING the object hierarchies ... finished.
Feb 17 16:14:36: LOADING: Reading 1 MOO programs...
Feb 17 16:14:36: *** PARSER: Line 1:  syntax error
Feb 17 16:14:36: *** DB_READ: Unparsable program #0:0, i = 1.
Feb 17 16:14:36: *** Cannot parse database file!

Does that mean the compile did not run as smooth as it appeared or did I
make any other mistake...? I tried 3 different .db's and all produced the
same log, except that in one case it read "Line 2: syntax error"

Does somebody have any suggestions? I seem to remember that a similar
question was on the list a few months ago - sorry if its an old hat...



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