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I have long awaited this discussion.Not too long ago, I learned what VRML
was and I've used it ever since.I think it would be a perfect idea, but what
you people are discussing about is *THE IDEA*.Let's face it.VRML and MOO
will soon be together due to the ever-changing face of the Internet.But I
ask this: How the hell can you @create, and @dig on a VRML-ized MOO?It has
no description, so how would it look like?It'd be freaking thin air!The
discussion raves on and on about the points, both good and bad of a VRML MOO
and a text-MOO.How about if we ever make such a MOO, we *COMBINE* the 2.For
example, there could be a VRML window, to use for say exploring.And another
window for say, auditing, checking quota, pages, @digging, and creating as well.
-Kaboom/Leo Touza, hoping he revolutionizes your minds about this convo

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