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  Feel free to jump into BioMOO's VRML interface at:

  If you have a reasonably sophisticated browser (like Netscape with the
WebFX plug-in) you can quickly switch between VRML and web views of a
room.  All VRML scenes are generated on the fly, reflecting real conditions
in the MOO. Objects can be given VRML shapes by users, else they appear as
simple geometric shapes.
  This VRML system was built by me on top of the BioWeb system for MOOs
that Gustavo Glusman, Jaime Prilusky, Paul Hansen and I wrote.  We're
modifying it now to incorporate the wonderful enhancements of 1.8.0
but it should be available soon. Don't bother writing because we'll
announce it here first.  At that time you can figure out how it works
for yourself by getting the package.  It's designed to be easily installed
in any preexisting MOO.
  Why use VRML? Because some things are best shown in three dimensions
(eg. anatomy or sculpture), because it increases the immersiveness of the
environment (it's more engaging and fun), because humans are sight-based
creatures and most of us perceive the world most clearly visually,
and because you never know all the great applications you'll have for a
tool until you make and use it.
  The BioWeb system is also seeing heavy use at Diversity University,
whose web gateway is if you want to peek there.

Eric Mercer
California Institute of Technology

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