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FW: That numeric verb thing again.

From:  H. Peter Anvin[]
Sent:  Monday, February 19, 1996 3:25 PM
Subject:  Re: That numeric verb thing again.

>In article <>,
>Ron Stanions <> wrote:
>>The first and biggest is with .program.  pre 1.8.0, .program #123:foo
>>or .program #123:3 would access the same verb.  now, in 1.8.0 it
>>becomes 'safe' to create a verb named "3", but now which verb does
>>.program #123:3 refer to, the third verb, or the verb named "3" ?
>>The syntax for .program will have to change somewhat.
>Isuggest using the already-unambiguous MOOcode syntax:
>object:verb OK iff verb doesn't contain " ( )
>object:("verb") otherwise
>object:(verbno) for verb numbers

Yes, but for .program this won't work.  if I have two verbs 'l*ook this none none' and 'l*ook none none none' how can I use .program to write the second verb? (without setting the $server_option that is.)


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