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Re: Couple of Questions

>Okay, first one:
>I have a verb that looks roughly like this....
>@verb #15711:call_regen()
>rooms = children(#15711);
>timer = 20;
>while (timer > 0)
>  for x in (rooms)
>    x:regen();
>    x:action();
>  endfor
>  suspend(60);
>  timer = timer + 1;
>It does what I want it to with regen() (which is call the verb regen() and
>action() in every room that is a child of #15711 every minute for 20
>minutes) But for action() it doesn't.  action() is very similar to the above
>verb in that is has the same while statements to cause a timer affect.  So,
>if action() takes a while and uses suspend() also, it messes up the timing
>of call_regen().  Any way to prevent this?

Hm I don't think I can help you with the other questions, but this first
verb you are showing has a problem in that you're starting the counter at 20
and counting upwards; so that it'll loop forever, you should be decreasing
the timer as you go.

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