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Re: FW: That numeric verb thing again.

In article <>,
Ron Stanions  <> wrote:
>For all your above examples (plus one) I would use:
>                          when $server_options.support_numeric_verbname_strings is:
>                            0  (new style)                      1 (old style)
>.program me:2           <-- programs me:("2")()             programs verb #3 on me
>.program me:(2)         <-- programs verb #2 on me.         raises E_TYPE
>.program me:("2")       <-- programs me:("2")()             programs me:("2")()
>.program me:("(2)")     <-- programs me:("(2)")()           programs me:("(2)")()
>.program me:(":hey")    <-- programs me:(":hey:)()          programs me:(":hey:")()

.program is a command; it can't raise anything.

Besides, "new style" is always supported, even if
is true.


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