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Re: Stupid question regarding disk basis a db...

>>>>> "George" == George M Ellenburg <> writes:

    George> Aside from the obvious that the db is stored on disk to
    George> begin with <G>...  Is it possible to have all the MOO code
    George> (verbs, etc.) stored on disk and then read off internally
    George> instead of all the verbs, rooms, etc. being stored
    George> entirely in RAM?  ---- George M. Ellenburg
    George> <> "My momma always told me life was
    George> like a box of chocolates; what she failed to mention was
    George> that life can be just as addicting."

Well, it *IS* on the disk instead of in ram, given that you are
running under Unix and don't have enormous ammounts of ram.  That's
what virtual memory, pages, and /dev/swap are all about.  If you were
to put the db on a disk only basis, you would pretty much have to
duplicate this mechanism.

Several advantages would possibly ensue, however.  You might be able
to do a better job of localizing objects with respect to addresses.
You could also perhaps implement the db as an oodb that was sharable
across multiple machines, thus getting a distributed moo of sorts.
But you would have to have the same endianess and word size and
address format on all the machines -- oodb's are notoriously

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