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Re: Stupid question regarding disk basis a db...

On Tue, 20 Feb 1996, Edward Goff wrote:

> got one word for a FUP :) I'm not into that yet but that is the kinds of 
> questions you want to be asking about.. :)
I don't really see how FUP has any advantages over $ftp, except binary data
and maybe speed, and it seems to be a much messier way to do it, unless of
course you're planning to swap and unswap all objects on a regular basis or
something.  But for the most part, $ftp works perfectly fine for archiving
mail, temporarily swapping objects, and pretty much anything else you're
planning on using FUP for.  $ftp was included in the latest LambdaCore and,
for those of you that don't have it, it can be ported from LambdaMOO (or you
can just write something similar to it, it's not very complicated)

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