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Rats, last msg continued...

I also always remember what else I wanted to say after I've already sent the mail message off. argh!  :/

What I wanted to add was that it would be nice if 
1) any OBJ should equate to 'true' in all cases, or
2)  any positive OBJ should equate to true, and any negative OBJ should equate to false, or
3) any valid OBJ should equate to true, and any nonvalid-or-negative OBJ should equate to false.

Since #0 is a valid thing, it can't be used as 'false', but any of these three equates, particularly the second and third, would make certain aspects of coding simpler and perhaps even make valid() obsolete in the case of #3...  It seems logical to me that any other 'actual' datatype has a true and false equate,  "", {}, and 0 are false,  (ERR's arent what I mean by an 'actual' datatype, though I see no reason there shouldn't be a false type for ERR too...)

Unfortunately valid() requires an argument of type OBJ and not just any datatype otherwise that would have been an equally viable alternative /providing/ you knew that the element being tested might be an OBJ.

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