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Re: *hash() and binary stuff

ThwartedEfforts writes:
> Could we consider making the hash functions returning things in octal or the
> [en|de]code_binary functions (and binary connections) return hex values?
> This seems to be a weird incongruency.  Or is it too late in the game?

Well, I think of these as different cases, though perhaps I shouldn't.  I
figured that you might conceivably want to decode the contents of a binary
string (though you've got decode_binary() to do it for you, so...) whereas
there's really pretty little point in decoding the output of *_hash().

I realize that this isn't a very compelling argument for having one in octal
and the other in hex, but.

How many people out there have already written code that would be broken if I
changed binary strings to be in hex rather than octal?


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