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Re: connection redirection

On Fri, 23 Feb 1996, ThwartedEfforts wrote:

> -- redirect would be fine as long as:
>    redirect(fromobj, toobj)
>    redirect(#-10, $owner)
>    => 0
>    redirect(#10, $owner)
>    => E_INVARG

This would make it easier to suspend() and/or read() in :do_login_command() 
(and i believe do_command()).
Keep in mind that you can't expect everybody to change it's 
do_login_command() in a way that AND this new function works, AND the old 

In a do_login_command, just do the normal stuff, and as last lines:

args = $login:parse_command(@args);
result = $login:(args[1])(@listdelete(args, 1));
redirect(player, result);
return 0; (??)

The idea isn't bad at all, nobody suffers ;-)



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