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Re: Outbound Mail

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> Well, I'm using the server version 1.8.0beta3, and after compiling the 
> server along with the Outbound_connection (or whatever it is in the 
> options.h file, I'm too tired to remember) defined/uncommented, I logged 
> onto my MOO and tested it by using @newpassword on a dummy character.  I 
> told it to send mail, but now I'm getting the classic Can't send it cuz 
> 503 Need MAIL before RCPT syndrom.  Anyone know what's up with it, if it 
> could be a bug with the code?  Help is much appreciated.

Is the LambdaCore SMTP client really RFC 821 compliant?  "Need MAIL before
RCPT" seems to imply that the client sends the command in the wrong
order.  A "minimal" SMTP session should look like this:

HELO local_hostname
MAIL FROM: <local_user@local_hostname>
RCPT TO: <remote_user@remote_hostname>
/* Lines of header */

/* Lines of message; a line starting with dot gets an extra dot added */


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