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Re: Okay, where do I show off my code?

On Mon, 26 Feb 1996, Tom Ritchford wrote:

> Joseph Larson <>
> >
> >If I have some kick aft code that I would like to show off to all you, 
> >could I post it here, or is there somewhere else I should post it?
> Thanks for asking!  I don't think the list is quite the place for
> it... telling us what MOO it's on would be nice, or a web page...
That's why I asked. Web pages are out of the question for me, but the MOO 
... before I invite you all I should say a few things:
No handles. Read login screen and obey.
This is an educational MOO. Right now it's about as exciting as a 
balognia sandwitch. However I am working on it.
2 new areas are being programed:
  A Dr. Who area (hope to make it BIG with multple areas.)
  A Red Dwarf area (Almost got the interface done, but it lacks direction)
and in the future:
  A Princess Bride area.
... With that out of the way, the address is: 3000
  or 3000
I don't want a billion people on there yet. However we have a guest 
account, so feel free to use it. If I'm on my name is Joe.

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