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Re: Swap in & out

FUP works just ducky with 1.8*, I've been running it since the very
first 1.8alpha..

- Randy

> At 01:30 AM 2/27/96 PST, Giovanni -TheGIO- Carbone wrote:
> >Hi all,
> >some time ago someone has posted here about swappin' in and out of memory
> >the unuesd object using the FUP but i don't remember who. :(
> >If that guy read this mail please e-mail me 'couse i'm very intrested in
> >this feature...
> Yes, that is me.  It only works with my Paradigm Core, and can most
> definitely NOT work on a Lambda Core unless you change 99% of the code
> (yeah, I really mean that... any code that accesses a property).
> Unfortunately, as far as I know, FUP doesn't work with anything higher than
> 1.7.9p2, and Paradigm Core doesn't work with anything lower than 1.8.0alpha6.
> - Kipp
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