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latest FUP (was: Swap in & out)

Kipp wrote:
>Unfortunately, as far as I know, FUP doesn't work with anything higher than

The latest version of FUP, namely 1.8, comes in 3 flavours: 1.7.8, 1.7.9
and 1.8.0.
It was announced, naturally, in the fup mailing list. It is available from
the usual place:
Due to rather serious time constraints, I made available only the
FUP-to-be-installed package, and not the MOOFUP package.

Randy wrote:
>FUP works just ducky with 1.8*, I've been running it since the very
>first 1.8alpha..

I guess FUP 1.7 was compatible with the 1.8.0 alphas, but since 1.8.0beta1,
the introduction of the new value type (FLOAT) requires some
rearrangements, which are included in the 1.8.0 flavour of FUP 1.8.
Conversely, FUP 1.8 won't work with the 1.8.0 alphas, but who cares? :)


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