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clients and holes

In the matter of clients: has anyone heard of Matisse? Pretty good-sounding
client, only available for the Macintosh as of now: (<sigh>)
I can't download it, however, as I only get 30 baud (!!!) from that server,
and the connection times out.
Regarding security holes: I have a list of security holes in Oct-94
LambdaCore; I'm sure it's by no means comprehensive, but I'd like it to be. I think this may be useful to
newbie archwizards. I'd be pleased if those who're interested would mail me
any holes they know of, to be added to this list.

Matthew Sanderson
The Australian National University, Canberra.

"Future, n: that time in which our affairs prosper, our
 friends are true, and our wallets full." - Ambrose Bierce

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