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Re: Comments in .db files

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On Wed, 28 Feb 1996, Seth I. Rich wrote:

> Somewhere in the back of my head I recall reading that comments may be
> inserted into verb code with /* markers */.  Unlike comments inserted as
> strings, these will be entirely ignored and not even saved in the
> database.  Is it kosher to insert such comments into the .db file
> directly?  Will they be ignored?  In what parts of the file, if any?
> Seth
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Doesn't seem likely.... the first time the computer updated the file
they would be gone. It doesn't seem too practical. You could always
put the /* markers inside the quotes if you wanted them to stay beyond
the first checkpoint rewrite.

I put the comments into the verb definitions myself.

The other alternative is one like that is used in some Forth systems
where the comments go into a "Shadow" property for the verb.



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