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Re: HTML + MOO + NT = ???

If you think your MOO or ColdMUD is going to be a very big world, NT
would be a better choice than W95.  In theory, you should be able to
tune the network I/O and use a few I/O threads to get more throughput.
I wonder if anyone has experimented with this?  A 'thread per head"
doesn't seem wise (i/e/, one thread per connected player), but having a
few of them doing the network I/O will practically never block.  You
could also try using async I/O (which W95 doesn't do).  I noticed that
FurryMUCK runs a seperate UNIX process just to do network I/O and
concentrate it to the actual MUCK server -- basically the same idea, but
I/O threads would be more efficient.  And of course, if you have a
multiprocessor PC, multi threading gets you some parallel processing as
well.  But read/write blocking is the main reason to do this.  If you
think the world is REALLY going to be huge, you probably need Server NT,
which unfortunately is expensive.  I know ftp servers running SNT deal
with 600 connections or so, but I don't think any MUD on the net is that
big.  Furry gets close to 400 on their P-100 machine (they're running

Anyway, with NT or UNIX, it would be fun to hear about experiments with
multi-threading and async I/O.


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