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Re: LambdaMOO on DOS or WindowsNT

On Fri, 7 Feb 1997, William Dell wrote:

> I 'm sure this question has been asked a million times, but has anyone
> managed to compile Lambda to run on a DOS, Windows, or WindowsNT
> machine? If so, I'd appreciate some help.

WinMOO.  Windows 95 (and I think NT, but don't quote me.)
is the address, I believe.  Also, check out the Lost Library of MOO at
as they have a bunch of links to older DOS servers & whatnot.

GCS>$ d- s++:++ a--- C++++ UL+ P L+(++) E? W+(++) N+ o? K- w@(---) O? M@
V@(--) PS+++(++) PE+ Y@ PGP(-) t++@ 5++@ X(+) R+(++) tv@ b+++(++++) DI++++
D++@ G@ e*>++++ h! r++ y(*)


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