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All-in-1 room (Wilson@mediaMOO)

Does anyone know whether the events system in that room is just what it
seems to be, that is a way to enter scheduled events and list them, or
is there more to it that I failed to notice ?

If it's no more than that, does anyone know of something that will call
a given verb on objects present in the room at random intervals, more
or less in the same way as noises and friends do ? I could whip up
something based on noises, but would rather not reinvent the wheel if


Michel Lavondes (, speaking only for himself

"Yea, the heavens shall open and the NP-complete solution given forth.
ATT executives shall give birth to two-headed operating systems, and 
copyrights shall be expunged. The voice of the GNU shall be heard, but
the faithless will be without transceivers." -- Steve Simmons

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