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Announcing fileio V1.0

Announcing fileio, a file I/O patch version 1.0 for the LambdaMOO

>From the README:

This patch adds several administrator-only builtins for manipulating
files from inside the MOO.  Security is enforced by making these
builtins executable with wizard permissions only as well as allowing
access only to a directory under the current directory (the one the
server is running in).


Files are manipulated using a stdio-like streams metaphor.  Opening a
file returns a filehandle which is then used as an argument to reading
and writing functions.  In addition to I/O functions, functions for
manipulating the files and directories are also included.

File access is restricted to a subdirectory of the current directory
(of the directory the server is running in) called "files" (this can
be changed by modifying a #define).

The patch is available at

--Ken Fox


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