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Re: A space in names

At 05:37 PM 2/21/97 -0500, Matthew Schmidt wrote:
>Is it possible to put a space in players names, when you make them, or when
>you rename?
It's possible, but it's not a good idea to do this. I know LambdaCore
prevents you from doing this with @rename/@addalias or :set_name, but
wizards can still set their .name to something with spaces in them. This
screws up routines that expect people's names to be one word.. for example
if someone's name was "John Doe" and you tried to 'page john doe hi' it
would actually page someone named John with "doe hi". (yes I know you can
use quote marks, but it's really not practical to keep doing that)

A good solution would be just to use underscores and if you really really
want spaces have :title change underscores to spaces.


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