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Re: Fun with FUP and root.

>From: Neil Fraser <>
>Date: Tue, 25 Feb 1997 19:08:55 PST
>Subject: Fun with FUP and root.

[stuff deleted]

>It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that MOOs with FUP and 
>root perms are a dangerous mix, but not every root knows just how 
>flexible a MOO can be (it isn't just a Dungeon game for the kiddies).  
>Fortunately only wizards who  have UNIX accounts can take advanage of 
>this situation when it arises.

My solution can be implemented by a clueful root admin, or a responsible
MOO admin (account holder).  I set the moo executable and the startup
shell scripts to be suid and sgid, owned by the moo account and group.
That way, whomever starts up the moo, it is always run with the correct
user and group perms.  That way also I can start up the moo in the system
startup scripts and not worry about it running as root.

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