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A FUP programming question

	I am trying to save an extensive amount of data on disk instead 
of in the database. Unfortunatly, it's not working. I don't know if you 
are familiar with the Markov Chainer, but it make some very large 
properties for the data it uses. This is my code and my error.

	where = tostr("markov/",this);
	data = fileread(where,args[1]);

	args[1] is passed as one of these three strings, "words", 
"tlinks", "flinks". It calls this code once for each of the strings, but 
on the final call, for "flinks", it TBs out with an  'out of seconds' error 
on the 'fileread' line.
	But if I type


I get the data just like I am supposed to with no errors at all.
	I'm sure that the answer to my problem is a simple one, but I 
can't seem to track it down.



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