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Re: listen()

>At 4:51 AM -0800 2/27/97, Jeni Tennison wrote:
>>>How does one set up a do_login_command for it to actually use the port set
>>>up with listen()?
>> [SNIP!!]
>>  And in general, *all* the verbs that are defined
>>on #0 usually can be defined on the object given in the listen() command
>>and will work on that port.  So having $web_system:handle_uncaught_error
>>will do the same as #0:handle_uncaught_error does for the startup port, but
>>for connections through port 9000.
>No.  All uncaught errors and timeouts get shafted to #0, but you can
>compensate with a few lines of code:

You're completely right: my mistake.  (But they *should* be handled by the
object that's handling the connection, IMHO ;)

And isn't a simpler way to check which object should be handling it through
args[4][$][1], which will be the object through which the original command
was passed?



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