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Re: WWW on MOO


The simplest thing to do is to wrap your welcome_message in html comment tags:

	your welcome message


You can also wrap the *** Connected *** etc messages in the same way by
setting the appropriate properties on $server_options (you may have to 
upgrade your server, but see below).  That will prevent the browser from 
*printing* these lines (they will still be sent and appear in the source).

The next thing you could do is to get 1.8.0beta3, which has the multiport 
listening support built in.

Then get some web-enabling MOO code.  We have a set developed for the AstroVR
project you can get pointers to from

It contains a $port object that can service web requests on a different port
than your interactive one (as well as a general purpose web server with some
nifty in-line moocode evaluation HTML extensions).

It takes about half an hour to slap into your core.


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