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LambdaMOO Programmer's Manual for version 1.7.9p2

I have, at long last, released a new version of the LambdaMOO Programmer's
Manual, now updated to reflect the truth as of release 1.7.9p2 of the LambdaMOO
server code.  The manual is available from

The HTML version is actually all in the directory

with the table of contents (a good starting place) being in

I expect to be putting out further releases soon, crawling my way up the 1.8.0
alpha, beta, and production release change logs.  I would, of course, be
grateful to be notified of any inaccuracies or incompletenesses in the manual.


PS- I am getting ready to make the final 1.8.0 production release; if you've
been saving up any bug reports, now is definitely the time to get them in...

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