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Re: binary mode

actually I have I have installed the patch in all ver of the moo from 
1.7.8p4all the way to 1.7.9p2 but guess what the patch don't take to 
anyver of 1.8.? so.. again how?

On Tue, 5 Mar 1996 wrote:

> >ANsi in 1.8.? hugh.. how.. I am still moding the patch out to get it to 
> >work.. what did you use??? how did yo uget it to work??? I got it to work 
> >in 1.7.9p2 .. but not 1.8? not yet..
> Hm.. the ANSI PC doesn't use any patches. it's all done in-MOO. As long as
> you can get an escape and a beep in the db (use a text editor, or FUP or a
> chr() patch if you have one) it takes care of it. 2.1 works fine in 1.7.9p2
> and later.


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