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I'm going nucking futs over this!

I have a small problem that I can't figure out. I'm an arch-wiz on a MOO 
for my school, that has kinda been taken over for the purpose of 
entertainment. Anyways, I created an object called the game thing, which 
is basic a specilized thing that will clean up after itself. A programmer 
on this moo made a child of this new object, called a ring, and a $thing 
called a dead body. Then when he tries @move-ing the ring to the body, it 
wont go, however when he changes it to a container he can put it in no 
problem. The problem is we don't want it a continer since you can't open 
a body (not here anyways. We gotta be a little bit tasteful).
The question is is it my fault, is it his, or is it just a bug in the 
code that I'll have to fudge my way around.
The other thing is, though, when I own them both, no problem.

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