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Re: Panic with 1.7.9p2

At 01:56 PM 3/6/96 PST, you wrote:
>In MOO 1.7.9p2, we got a repeatable panic with an out-of-control, suspending,
>tail-recursive function in an infinite loop.  I suppose "don't do that!"  is a
>reasonable reply...  :-) but I thought it was supposed to bomb out with a 'too
>much recursion' traceback, not a db panic.
>The log said:
>Mar  6 16:06:44: *** PANIC: memory allocation (size 8389056) failed!
<24 level traceback deleted>
>Mar  6 16:06:44: (End of traceback)
>Mar  6 16:06:44: PANIC-DUMPING on ...
>Mar  6 16:07:26: PANIC-DUMPING on finished

Your problem is not an infinite recursion problem, the problem is that you
ran out of memory.  I assume the stack depth is 50, as it is by default in
options.h, but that traceback was only 25 lines long.  I'd look into finding
a possible memory leak somewhere.  The first line of the PANIC is the clue.


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