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Re: regex substitution

>>What I want to do is take an arbitrary string and substitute one
>>string for arbitrary substrings.  For example, substitute an 's' or
>>any number of 's's with the letter 't'.  Using sed, I'd just do a
>>s/ss*/t/ or s/s+/t/ (I think).  I'm going to be substituting in arbitrary
>>text, though, so I don't have the luxury of marking my substitutions
>>with %'s.
>Oh, I see:
>;strsub("What the fuck is STRSUB???","fuck","fudge")
>=> "What the fudge is STRSUB???"
>- Kipp

that's what I was going to answer also, but the question was how could you
substitute using regexps: you can only use strsub() to substitute fixed strings.

Let's take the example that was provided: replacing one or more consecutive
s's with the letter 't'. As you know, the regexp to match s's is "s+". But
since match() returns the index numbers of the matched string.. all you'd
have to do was use those numbers to change the actual string.

=> {7, 13, {{0, -1}, {0, -1}, {0, -1}, {0, -1}, {0, -1}, {0, -1}, {0, -1},
{0, -1}, {0, -1}}, "aaaaaasssssssbbbbb"}

the first two numbers (7 and 13) are what you'd change the string to. So all
you'd have to do is
and you'd have it changed. You'd probably have to make sure the match
passes, though.

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