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RE: is this a pentium, or a bug

Hmm.  I'm running linux on a pentium too, and just tried it on mine, (1.8.0b3) and got
back 2.5 and 0.5 respectively for the same tests you show.  I don't think it makes any
different but my linux is slackware 1.2.13

From:  Kai Storbeck[]
Sent:  Thursday, March 07, 1996 11:18 AM
Subject:  is this a pentium, or a bug

Hya....i was testing the floats...

=> 2.50000000052154
[used 4 ticks, 0 seconds.]
=> 0.500000000521541
[used 4 ticks, 0 seconds.]

Not exactly what i expected.... =)
This is a pentium i'm running on, running linux, my server is 1.8.0b3.
Is this a pentium (bug) or a server bug?


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