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Re: is this a pentium, or a bug

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By author: (Kai Storbeck)
In newsgroup: local.moo
> Hya....i was testing the floats...
> ;10.00/4.0
> =3D> 2.50000000052154
> [used 4 ticks, 0 seconds.]
> ;1.0/2.0
> =3D> 0.500000000521541
> [used 4 ticks, 0 seconds.]
> Not exactly what i expected.... =3D)
> This is a pentium i'm running on, running linux, my server is 1.8.0b3.
> Is this a pentium (bug) or a server bug?

Check /proc/cpuinfo to see if you have the Pentium bug (if so, get a
new CPU from Intel for free.)

However, I take it you're running an a.out system with libc 4.5.26 or
earlier; this is a well-known libc bug.  I'd suggest upgrade to ELF;
this bug is fixed in libc 5.

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