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Re: Property Permissions

>>If you want a property secured, so noone can edit it (except a wizard,
>>they can edit anything) just @chown the property to Hacker (or $noman,
>>$noone or who ever you want to use...) and set it -c.
>NEVER EVER EVER EVER make anything owned by $no_one.  (Within
>Lambda/JH/OpalCore, $no_one is used to run insecure code -because-
>he owns nothing.)
>Seth / Blackbriar
>Seth I. Rich -
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>Rabbits on walls, no problem.    a tear of true repentance.
What is OpalCore like? Does it have some of the RPG stuff they did built
in? Does it have as many commands as the lambdacore? Are the commands as

Hans Friedrich
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