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Production release 1.8.0 of the LambdaMOO server

I have, at long last, made the final, production release of version 1.8.0 of
the LambdaMOO server, in the usual place:

This release contains a *very* large number of changes from the last production
release, 1.7.9p2; you are *strongly* advised to read through the ChangeLog.txt
file before upgrading.  Remember to look for any entries marked `NOTE' before
upgrading; these include changes you should make to your database *before*
switching over to the new release.

This marks the last non-patch release of LambdaMOO that I, personally, will be
making.  I hope soon to announce who will be taking over the server-code
maintenance job from me in the future.  It has been an incredible 5-1/2 years
writing code for and learning from the MOO community and I wouldn't trade that
experience for anything.  Thank you all very much; you've been supportive and
full of energy and ideas for that whole time.  I know I'll miss this as I move
on to my new directions.


Here's the ChangeLog.txt entry for just the changes since 1.8.0beta3:
Version 1.8.0, 9 March 1996
-- Verbs defined on #0 are no longer subject to the wiz-only permissions check
   on built-in functions generated by defining $server_options.protect_FOO with
   a true value.  Thus, you can now write a `wrapper' for a built-in function
   without having to re-implement all of the server's built-in permissions
   checks for that function.  (Thanks to ThwartedEfforts for bringing this idea
   back to my attention.)
-- If a built-in function FOO has been made wiz-only (by defining
   $server_options.protect_FOO with a true value) and a call is made to that
   function from a non-wiz verb not defined on #0 (that is, if the server is
   about to raise E_PERM), the server first checks to see if the verb #0:bf_FOO
   exists.  If so, it calls it instead of raising E_PERM and returns or raises
   whatever it returns or raises.  (Thanks to yduJ and ThwartedEfforts for
   putting this idea together.)
-- Added the source code for `pgperf' to a subdirectory of the release `tar'
   file.  You need `pgperf' in order to recreate the keyword-lookup table used
   in the MOO-code parser should you ever change the set of keywords accepted
   by the parser.  Check out the `pgperf/README' file for (slightly) more
-- Backed out the change in 1.8.0beta3 where the parser was replacing calls of
   the form `call_function("foo", ...)'  with simply `foo(...)' if `foo' was a
   known function.  While this change made sense for porting whole databases
   between server versions, it made it harder to port single verbs or objects
   from place to place.  (Thanks to Richard Connamacher for being persistent
   enough to finally make me see this point.)
-- Added new built-in function `connection_option(CONN, OPTION)', which returns
   the current setting of the option OPTION on the connection CONN.  It raises
   E_INVARG if OPTION is not a valid option for that connection.  (Thanks to
   Don Schwarz for pointing out how inconvenient it could be to have to use
   `connection_options(CONN)' for this.)
-- Changed the format of binary strings to have non-printing characters
   represented in hexadecimal instead of octal, for improved concision and
   consistency with the output of the `*_hash()' functions.  (Thanks to
   ThwartedEfforts for suggesting this.)
-- Made optional the argument to `shutdown()'.  (Thanks to Richard Godard for
   suggesting this.)
-- Moved the DEFAULT_PORT and DEFAULT_CONNECT_FILE options into `options.h'.
   (Thanks to Richard Godard for suggesting this, too.)
-- Fixed line numbers reported in load-time warnings about renaming old uses of
   new keywords.  (Thanks to Ron Stanions and others for noticing this bug.)

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