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Re: Minimal.db

--- wrote:
This probably has nothing to do with the way the server works or anything,
but a good starting verb for eval would be
notify(player,toliteral(eval(argstr+";"))); . maybe it can go in the readme
or something.
--- end of quoted material ---
Agreed.  On my MOO (DartMOOth), which got off the ground a few days ago,
we are starting from Minimal.db.  I copied the eval verb from the 
README-Minimal.db (with the addition of a tick counter).  To improve it, 
one of the other wizards wrote a reasonable facsimile of toliteral().  When
I mentioned the existance of the built-in, he made a comment about hitting
his head against a wall.

I can see no advantage that tostr() has over toliteral(), so is this now
in the server purely for reasons of backwards-compatibility?



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