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RE: interesting mail problem

Aha!  This is the exact error I got which I posted about earlier, wherein
because of the newly added builtins to the callers() stack, the second
time it enters #49:retain_session_on_exit() it's through a pass() call
and #49:ok bombs because it looks at callers()[2][3] for something.

I fixed this by just modifying #46:retain_session_on_exit to do every-
thing it would have done had it called pass().  (Kipp I believe suggested
another method of creating a verb $callers that will return a version of
the list that doesn't contain the builtins.)  Either way you have to do 
some hacking on #46:retain_session_on_exit I think.

From:  Clint Gardner[]
Sent:  Sunday, March 10, 1996 4:52 AM
Subject:  interesting mail problem's the story...I just upgraded to 1.8.0 from 1.7.9p2 (which 
was done rather recently too).  Aside from a few problems with 
numeric verb names (which come in unexpected places), I haven't had 
much difficulty EXCEPT for the following from the mail editor:
Composing a letter to Wizard (#2) entitled "test"
Line 1 added.
Mail actually sent to Wizard (#2)
#42:controls, line 3:  Invalid indirection
... called from #49:ok (this == #46), line 4
... called from #49:changed retain_session_on_exit (this == #46), line 1
... called from built-in function pass()
... called from #46:retain_session_on_exit, line 1
... called from #49:exitfunc (this == #46), line 2
... called from built-in function move()
... called from #56:moveto (this == #2), line 2
... called from #49:done q*uit pause (this == #46), line 9
... called from #46:send, line 41
(End of traceback)
You have new mail (2) from Wizard (#2).
Type `help mail' for info on reading it.
Now, unless you think that this is something in my database which is 
goofed, the above was from the DEC25 core....I was perusing the core 
to see if I could find the errant verb, and why it is doing it on my 
year old core...but after a lot of checking I tested the @send on the 
core version, and got the above.  Is it a built-in with a problem?


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