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Local MCP editing with tf

This is for those die hards who abhore emacs and still use tf (myself
included).  I dont know if somebody has done this already, so I did it
myself (I know it has been a desired functionality for a while).  The

Will give you MCP editing capability in tinyfugue.  From the header:

  /load this in your .tfrc file, after it is loaded you can set the
  editor to your editor of preference by adding another line similar to:

      /set editor=pico

  The default editor is vi.  You will also want to create a directory
  where tf will store the files being edited.  This can be /tmp, or it 
  can be a special directory.  You must specify this directory by setting 
  the veriable 'editdir', such as:

      /set editdir=/my/home/tfedit

  Editdir defaults to /tmp.  When editing locally tf will store files in 
  this directory.  Note: tf does not remove files unless a new file is 
  being edited by the same name.  It leaves maintenance of this directory 
  up to you!

  If you want to re-edit what you were last editing, type:

      /reedit works with local MCP editing in ColdCore, I havn't tested it 
in MOO.  Feel free to edit/alter/fix as you so desire (just
give the good changes back to me :)

-Brandon Gillespie-


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