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I'm beginning to agree HANS!! log into lambda and ask around.. or post on 
the newsgrups.. this is for the server and the DB.. problemsare okay.. 
just general knowledge and opinion need tobe elsewhre.. RTFM <--- READ 
some manuals dude.

On Mon, 11 Mar 1996, Jefferson M. Dubrule wrote:

> --- Hans Friedrich-- wrote:
> How should Magic in the RPG system work? What should it do, and what should
> the limitations be? Could any one give me some insights into this?
> --- end of quoted material ---
> I think this may be a bit off topic for this list.  The purpose of the list
> is to discuss technical matters of the server and the server-DB interface.
> IMHO, thematic/programming/other questions should find a home elsewhere.
> Would moo-calves be an appropriate place?  Since I'm not on the list, I'm 
> not sure.
> -manta


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