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Building 1.8.0* on NeXT

Hank Hughes <> recently wrote:
>	Compiling 1.8b3 on NeXTstep worked fine. However, running
>	the executable produces a snag: "Floating point exception"
>	I know, I know. "Nextstep, what the?!" But it's a real
>	idle machine and would be the only place to practice on.

I've tried building both 1.8.0 and 1.8.0p1 on NeXTstep.  Ran configure,
modified options.h and ran make.  Everything compiled without error
(*much* better than 1.7.9p2, btw).

Problem is, it won't link:

   cc -g  -O ast.o code_gen.o db_file.o db_io.o db_objects.o \
     db_properties.o  db_verbs.o decompile.o disassemble.o eval_env.o \
     eval_vm.o  exceptions.o execute.o extensions.o functions.o \
     keywords.o list.o  log.o malloc.o match.o md5.o name_lookup.o \
     network.o net_mplex.o  net_proto.o numbers.o objects.o parse_cmd.o \
     pattern.o program.o  property.o quota.o ref_count.o regexpr.o \
     server.o storage.o streams.o  sym_table.o tasks.o timers.o \
     unparse.o utils.o verbs.o version.o parser.o -lposix -o moo
   ld: multiple definitions of symbol _errno
   /usr/lib/libposix.a(errno.o) definition of _errno in section (__DATA,__data)
   /lib/libsys_s.a(errno.o) definition of absolute _errno (value 0x40105b0)
   *** Exit 1

Before I start futzing with it, has anyone else run into this problem
and come up with a solution??


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