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Stupid Newbie sounding Question

	Good Evening,

  I realize this is gonna sound like a stupid question, but it has me 
baffled.  On the U of MOO, I have edited the options.h file so that it 
#defines OUTBOUND_NETWORK, I have set $ to 1, I have had to 
set $network.maildrop to the numeric IP.  OK, this seemed to work fine in 
the older versions of the MOO, namely 1.7.8p4.  But in 1.7.9p2, it seems 
to not work.  And even more strangely it did work until just awhile ago.
  I have since compiled and set up 1.8.0, and it even works there.  Is 
there something I have missed???  Or something I have neglected to 


	Eric Derbyshire aka Fozzie (UMOO -- 7777)

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