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Re: Stupid Newbie sounding Question

> >But in 1.7.9p2, it seems to not work.
> Er, forgive me, but _what_ seems not to work?

  OK, it appears you found the reason I should not send mail when I am 
really tired.  The problem is as follows (I'll quote myself so as to re 
introduce the lead in to the problem):

I wrote:
>  I realize this is gonna sound like a stupid question, but it has me 
>baffled.  On the U of MOO, I have edited the options.h file so that it 
>#defines OUTBOUND_NETWORK, I have set $ to 1, I have had to 
>set $network.maildrop to the numeric IP.  OK, this seemed to work fine in 
>the older versions of the MOO, namely 1.7.8p4.  But in 1.7.9p2, it seems 
>to not work.  And even more strangely it did work until just awhile ago.
>  I have since compiled and set up 1.8.0, and it even works there.  Is 
>there something I have missed???  Or something I have neglected to 

  Ok.  The problem is that I am unable to open a network connection.  I 
have read through the options.h file, searched the server.c file, and 
everything seems to be in order.  I'm to assume that the OUTBOUND_NETWORK 
once defined will enable all the appropriate functions, but it does not 
seem to work.

  I hope this clears things up, :).

	Eric Derbyshire aka Fozzie (UMOO -- 7777)

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