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1.8.0b3 & up, possible memory leak?

I've had our core up on 1.8.0b3 for a while now,  and have noticed overall system performance
getting worse and worse, and more time spent in swap with everything I do.  (Not just moo related.)
today I did a ps and got back a usage of 49492K for the moo main program, for a core that's
10.4 meg in size.

I dropped the system and installed 1.8.0p1 (with the <= patch) and brought it up, and now
it shows a useage of only 19768K which is more reasonable.  I do expect this number to grow
some as things happen, but not to 49 meg!....   I'll keep an eye on it, but I'm guessing  there's a
memory leak somewhere in the server.

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