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Re: Local MCP editing with tf

>Brandon Gillespie drew these hieroglyphs:
>> This is for those die hards who abhore emacs and still use tf (myself
>> included).  I dont know if somebody has done this already, so I did it
>> myself (I know it has been a desired functionality for a while).  The
>> file: 
>> Will give you MCP editing capability in tinyfugue.  From the header:

> Now is there a place that actually has an up-to-date spec on MCP?
> Looking up 'help MCP' on JHM gives me a draft spec that still assumes
> you're using a hacked server that takes `@@@' as an out-of-band
> prefix.  This gripe has yet to take root in the do-something-about-it
> department.!mcp is the HTML-ified (and
commented) version of the spec that everyone agreed on---the original
is still in!mcp-spec if you
don't trust my reformat.

Nobody really remembers why @@@ is in there.  It works well for the
server->client case, which is good enough to support local editing,
Connection closed by foreign host.turned in-band.  Works for us, at

I'm going to enter a monestary if I don't get my idea of a next draft
out the door soon.  The line waiting to kill me is getting too long.

Jay Carlson

Flat text is just *never* what you want.   ---stephen p spackman

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