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server log file

I'd like to propose an additional command-line option for the "moo" executable
(and my admittedly minimal understanding leads me to think this may be a trivial
hack) such that the "server log" may be defined to be a file (as opposed to the
present behavior, where server log is (I think) the server's STDOUT, redirected
to a file by the restart script.

I think this would be a useful addition in cases where the MOO server is executed
without the "restart" script.  I also think it would be useful when emergency
wizard mode is used (this was the motivation for the suggestion, actually); a
change may be made to the database and the server may then be started normally,
but the logfile information is lost.  (I'm imagining doing this on LambdaMOO
itself; it would be an awful shame if, after fixing some severe bug, we had
to shut down (and checkpoint, ugh forever) and then restart (and reload the
db, ugh forever) simply to get the logfile info.

As always, I am not a server hacker, so please forgive me if I don't make any

Seth / Blackbriar
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