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Re: [SERVER] proposal for extensions.c

> Submitted for comment: I've summarized this packaging method for
> server extensions. After reaching consensus (and some cleanup), maybe
> we could get this added to the FAQ: "How to extend the server (adding
> functions and packages)."
> 1) Tar file named: <PACKAGE>-<VER>.tar (can end in .Z, .gz, .zip, ...)
> 2) Tar file contains:
> 	ext-<PACKAGE>.README	(telling people about the extensions)
> 	ext-<PACKAGE>.c		(contains C code for the extensions)
> 	ext-<PACKAGE>.h		(optional)
> 	ext-<PACKAGE>.patch	(optional - change other server files)

Of course, these guidelines are just recommendations, not rules.  Anyway,
I like them, and would add that packages should possibly also include three
other files:
   <PACKAGE>_ChangeLog.txt (describing changes since the initial
                             release of <PACKAGE>)
   <PACKAGE>.moo	(containing sample MOO code (for use in-db)
                          demonstrating the use of <PACKAGE>)
   <PACKAGE>.api	(describing the public interface, should others try
                         to understand or modify this server extension)

Just my 2 pfennig.



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