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Re: My problem with #90:moveto acceptable

On Thu, 21 Mar 1996 wrote:

> At 11:42 AM 3/21/96 PST, John P. Wilson wrote:
> >
> >I was trying to create new objects with 1.8.0p2 and the latest LambdaCore 
> >and was getting this:
> >
> >@create $note called test
> >#90:moveto acceptable (this == #2), line 15:  Invalid indirection
> >... called from #1:accept (this == #2), line 2
> >... called from built-in function move()
> >... called from #4:@create (this == #2), line 41
> >(End of traceback)
> >
> >
> >So I looked and moveto is defined on #56, I eliminated #90:"moveto 
> >acceptable" by:
> >
> >@copy #90:moveto to #90:oldmoveto
> >@rmverb #90:moveto
[small snip]
> #56 I think is $wiz right? So wizards will be unmoveable, but players can be
> moved since #90 (which is Frand's player class) has a moveto that lets
> players @refuse move.

Actually, it's beening called as acceptable here (to determine if the 
newly created object can be moved from #-1 to the player).

I don't know what neat security features Frand's has on it for 
acceptable, but whatever they are John removed them in favor of the ones 
on #6 (which is the next ancestor defining acceptable).  The one on #6 
defines anything that's not a player as acceptable.  So, if I'm a 
programmer, and I control object x, I can move object x to you, unless 
object x is a player.

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