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Re: 1.8p2 weirdness...

> Andrew Wilson writes:
>>  is a JHCore that grew from 4Mb to 12Mb process size (2Mb to 3Mb
>>  compressed), in the space of about 2 minutes, on its own.

> Here's what I was able to track down.  I ran this DB under 1.8.0p2
> with the force_input() patch applied.  It pegged my CPU and, indeed,
> kept on growing and growing.  After a while, I attached a debugger
> to it and found that it was in the following task: Here's the code
> it was running for #30:to_jtext (which, of course, might not be the
> current text of that verb, since this is a long-running BG
> task):

> If you trace through this code, you'll see that, when `flat[1]' is "", this
> loop makes no progress in reducing the length of `flat', while it grows `new'
> every time around.  At the time I stopped the task, `new' was 99,835 elements
> and growing.

> This sufficiently explains the observed behavior that I won't be looking any
> further into this.

Note that this bug is not present in the 20Apr JHCore; it was
apparently introduced by Andy trying to understand the somewhat
inscrutable code.

Jay Carlson

Flat text is just *never* what you want.   ---stephen p spackman


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